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Last updated 2019-09-29
Jackie Kennedy, 1959, by artist Russell Spencer
Jackie Kennedy, 1959, 2019-01-31
By Russell Spencer (RS2277)
Acrylic on Canvas, 459 x 457 mm

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This is from a glamorous photo shoot of the Kennedys that ended up on the cover of Life magazine, August 24 1959. The cover text was "Jackie Kennedy: A Front Runner's Appealing Wife." These days she is much less famous than Marilyn Monroe, but for many people of earlier generations they were both bright stars in the firmament. I always remember my Mum saying, with deep admiration, that Jackie always wore the exact perfect thing. As she said this she had an almost mystical look in her eyes, as if contemplating some sartorial Nirvana, never before achieved and scarcely to be expected again. I find her hypnotic, and with those weird eyes I feel she looks like the most tasteful possible Martian.