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Last updated 2019-09-29
Unfinished painting of Trafalgar Square, by artist Russell Spencer
Work In Progress, 2014-06-02
By Russell Spencer (RS2208)
Acrylic on Canvas, 1017 x 761 mm
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On a lovely summer day in 2013 my brother Warwick and I emerged from the Charing Cross tube station into Trafalgar Square, and I was bowled over by my first close view of a great city. The next day I took some photos from beside the fourth plinth, and now I have spent a hundred hours creating this composition from them. A hundred hours and I haven't even started colouring it in yet! Part of me worries that I am spending way too much time on a dumb photorealist rendition of a tourist snap. Another part of me says no, it is a highly complex and demanding composition, and the effort and attention that I put into it will inject interest that is absent from the photos. I hope this latter view is correct. Or that I soon realise the former is correct and abandon the thing in favour of some more reasonable way of passing the time.